Slutty Songs?

For the first time in ages I listened to a shuffle of my music on my iPod. Normally I listen to a playlist, but something made me hit shuffle this morning. So far I can’t stop laughing and the songs I have. While many of them are hilariously silly, there is in incredible about of slurry muffin songs on my iPod.
I was going to make a list of the
but then I realized that a lot of my music in that section after hearing the lyrics properly.
I would place Me an U by Cassie as number one for the moment. 🙂 I’m trying to think of a good explanation of why it is on my iPod and so far I am coming up with blanks.
Easy, Give It To Me Now and Virgin Sexy all by the Sugababes are the same, with lyrics that promote promiscuity. I admit I actually love the music to these
Songs, the beat is totally amazing but it wasn’t until I was actually listening to these songs did I realize how they could be interpreted as racy music. I think the Sugababes are a great girl band and have a good handle on their lyrics, making sure they don’t get out of control.
Unlike .. Lets use Ke$ha and some of her songs, you have 12 year olds singing about taking drugs and sex. To me it doesn’t make any sense how music has really changed that much. Does anyone recall the big whoop of pelvic thrusting of Elvis and how bad it was… Now we can 12 year olds singing crappy music with shocking lyrics, but you know that’s fine… Clearly. It just bothers me a little.

Lilly Allen, havent heard any new songs by her recently, but the ones I do remember and LOVE to sing along to is Not Fare.. once again rather racy. Now Florence and the Machine, there is a artist who keeps putting out new songs that are all age appropriate.

Work Out by J. Cole is not too bad but it is an example of racy lyrics “drop it down to the floor, I’m here for one night, how far will you ?” and “you can be my escort” ” I don’t know if I’ma going to see you again”. While I get it a good song and don’t get me wrong I like to work out to music like this because it gets you riled up but what happened to Craig David, his songs are the same
But somehow didn’t go that far. Booty Man is well in my opinion, it is better.

Party In The USA by Miley Cyrus, is a lot more preferable for a Twelve year old to listen to. But what happened ? She got older and confirmed, she developed a new style of music for it to be more popular. The mark of a great musician is when their style of music doesn’t change and they still hit top in the charts.
I started to listen to Lady Sovereign, Love Me Or Hate Me at the beginning I was really rather impressed. It had a really modern beat. Then the F word and it was all about drinking. And well it’s distressing to find this on a 12 year olds top songs.
I know I may be being closed-minded about this but in what era should a 12-year-old be listening to music that promotes sex and drugs, not even in a subtle way. But Elysium! you can’t say that! The world is changing! And you don’t understand!
Really? No kidding it is changing. And i don’t understand. It’s NOT changing for the better if children are using swear words in every day language and dressing like tramps. And smoking!
I’m sorry for the little over the top ran but if you can explain it to me, shoot me a comment.
A song which isn’t exactly slutty but I am confused to why I have it on my iPod is Move Bitch by Ludacris… I’m lumping all the Pitbull songs in with this type of music and a few others which are o me very much same style. They have similar beats and swear while telling about how men are going to pull in the women. Or something along those lines. I only got half way through an album before I gave up. The songs were the same.

Now while I may appear to be contradicting myself: saying I like this music and I  listen to songs with swear words… I’m Not twelve years old. That’s the difference, I wouldn’t dream of swearing in front of my parents, even now, but I catch kids swear AT their parents. I don’t understand. Has society really gone just that down hill? If it has, it is not one that I want to be a part of.


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