Have Your Say?

Of the many terms for Chinese medicine (Oriental Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine), which one do you feel is most relevant today in Australia?

And do you think Ayurveda is an effective tool for the analysis and diagnosis of a client?


In my opinion Chinese Medicine is how many people describe TCM in Australia. I don’t think it is that people forget that in China they practice the same medicine that is practiced all over the world, but I myself find that when I think of Chinese Medicine, it encompasses oriental medicine and TCM. Using the term Chinese Medicine is a lot more common in Australia, I don’t think that there is anything stoping people from using Traditional Chinese medicine as a term, but it is simply more easier to use CM to cover the whole spectrum of terms for Oriental medicine.


I think Ayurveda is an effective diagnosis tool, western medicine uses similar techniques to confirm a diagnosis. When I go to the doctors, they check my pulse, my pupils, tongue and face. It isn’t quite the same I admit, and there isn’t much in-depth focus on these. Ayurveda used along side Western Medicine would bring about a faster diagnosis and more specific.

It picks up something that medical practices today would skim over and just prescribe pills to block it from the surface where Ayurveda goes to the focus and fixes it rather than just putting a band aid over it. Many Doctors don’t ask about the more personal side of things, eg the environment you live and work in and don’t put that into the equation before deciding the diagnosis.
I went to a doctor with a headache about two months ago, before I had even sat down he decided I had a sinus infection, and after 10 minutes of me explaining that it wasn’t a sinus infection he refused to budge and prescribed antibiotics, I saw another doctor that afternoon, who after listening to me told me it was because it was a withdrawal of some medication I had stopped taking cold turkey. Its amazing how a bit of information can alter the diagnosis.



Why are the majority of people under thirty not voting?

Why are the majority of people under thirty not voting?

Being 19 years of age, I always get excited to vote, it is like having a say. But this is where the problem comes in, people under thirty I believe don’t think that their vote matters and will either not vote or cast donkey votes.

In America, with it being optional to vote doesn’t really force the issue. A lot of my friends hate voting because they say their vote doesn’t count or it isn’t going to impact the result. I am interested in politics when it comes to voting time because I am interested in what they have to offer and what they will take away from me.

A lot of people I know aren’t interested because they think it will not impact them, they neither own their own home or feel that they are affected by the decisions the ‘Big Man’, or in our case Woman,  makes in regard to our way of life.

I would not trust twitter or facebook for any form of politic related  information. I think the marketing strategy of advertising on social media sites would be a good one if it actually succeeded, but I, like many other people don’t want to see the face of the PM or President popping up on my screen when I am commenting on someone’s status.

When I do see their marketing attempts on the  social media sites it makes me laugh because that is where people poke fun at them, it used to me in the back pages of the newspaper with a hilarious comic about someone in politics but Social networking sites are now those pages in the news paper.

Everyone wants to have their say on why ‘so and so’ would make a lousy leader, not much is positive about them.

All over the internet, predominantly youtube there  are videos making fun of the politicians, with people arguing about their leadership skills and how they would ruin their own country, with a majority of young  people watching these and simply deciding that they wouldn’t like anyone who is a candidate as their leader.

Looking at the figures on the Campaign Online Information, where a majority of people get their information from TV and Radio or Websites dedicated to the Campaign I am with them all the way. The TV presenters and Radio hosts are people that the  group of non voters identify with, listening or watching them weekly or daily. It is like a long term friend, who if they held a strong view and you had no knowledge on the matter you may follow blindly, this is what I feel is happening.

To put it down to why a group of people under 30 aren’t voting, is because.
1. They don’t care
2. They don’t like the candidates
3. They feel their vote is worth nothing

I have a number of friends who yell at the TV when watching the US candidate debate, but have little interest in our own politics. They are so caught up in the hype that sounded the US election, that they become interested in the matter when they have no ability to influence the outcome. I think it is good to be worldly and have opinions about other countries elections, but when it comes to the thin line voting for our own country they don’t have a care in the world and donkey vote or pick the one with the most hilarious name or who they think will die first. It’s more of a game then something that they want to seriously be involved in the outcome.

Wake Up Time

We all have out wake ritual.
Mine starts with a grumble as the sunlight hits my eyes, but the mornings are my favorite time. Off goes the covers! As I’m away boiling the kettle for a pot of tea, the next hour I spend in my garden enjoying the fresh sun that creeps between the tall apartment blocks surrounding my little balcony.

Aren't I lucky to have such wonderful nature around me.

This is a lizard I found one morning when I was jogging the nature walks through palm beach.

Then it’s back to yoga or Pilates for an hour and Im stuck into my course work. 🙂

Summer Loving!

Summer Loving

Summertime for me is all about romance, gardening, sun surf and sand.

Summer Flings are my thing. see what I did there? Haha.
I love summer romances, fast and passionate… Don’t usually work out for my favor but I LIVE for the experience.

Can you blame me? The birds and the bees are out…. So are the mozzies

Late evenings spent in the garden, smells of barbecues fill the air as we walk home from a day at the beach from dawn to dusk.

Late night laugher always echoing as couples walk past just as in love with the feeling of summer as each other. Drunk giggles float off my balcony as yet another bottle of white wine is opened.

Late nights and early mornings.
Waking up before dawn at 4:30 to get up to Palm Beach to watch the sunrise is one of my best memories of summer. Endless cuddles on the sand as the sun rises.

The fresh breeze and the smell of salt… The taste of salt.
Road-trips and the sweet smell of flowers.

The brush of petals against your skin as you walk against the overgrown plants that grow over the unused path down the rock pool for midnight swims. Only the light of the moon to guide you over the large rocks that form a perfect live seat under the magestic stars.

Fishing trips with my dad and my little step brother. Evening picnics with extended family and friends at the gardens on the beach.

Salads made solely from the garden. My mummas strange obsession with eating flowers… Including the sage plant above


Summer and romance go hand in hand. People seem to disclose copious amounts of information about themselves, caught up in the moment.


Then comes the heartbreak as the new year comes in and everyone comes to their senses, the summer flings come to an end on the 5th of January. It’s the one date where the fling comes to an end.

The magic has worn off and it’s back to normal life until the next time summer comes around.


And next Summer I will meet another prince charming who will sweep me off my feet. There is always someone waiting each summer for you.


It’s Christmas and November

It’s Always Winter and Never Christmas… Lies
It’s alwaysa holiday seems more appropriate. Easter decorations and marketing start in February.Halloween decorations come on sale as soon as the first of July has had its glory.
And some how it’s Christmas again from November.

Walking the large shopping centers today it hit me more then the normal idea I have about this over commercialized holiday. It was a wonderful spirit, everyone was excited for the coming celebrations.
I felt all my rage about the shops taking advantage of children disappear as I walked through The Strand on George Street.


Today was my perfect Christmas motivator. It was cold and windy in the city, people were rugged up with bundles of shopping.


Christmas may be thought of in most countries as Winter and Snow Angles. But not here.
We have a Stinking Hot Summer to enjoy.

To me Christmas is:

Sea Food prawns, oysters and squid
The Beach Sand, Surf and half naked bodies.

Road Trips
Staying Up Late To Watch The Sunrise




And many afternoons spent slathering on alovera.

No Longer The Darling Boy.

He is no longer my Darling Boy rather I can now see him for what he is.
A Damsle in Distress.

Gone in a blink of an eye.
His strong desire to not want a relationship I am almost positive would bend to my will. But not this man, a will of iron. It is rare that I can’t persuade someone to see it my way. And while I know he wanted to see my happiness, he mentioned this countless times, he was afraid of hurting me….
After a discussion going back and forth of the why. I said

Thank you for our time together, but I can no longer see you.

I know he wanted to stay friends with me… It’s just not something I can do.

While he has no emotion and feeling, Like a zombie. I know I couldn’t live with knowing I didn’t make the world even slightly more bearable as his girlfriend.

But my quick haste to remove the pain from my life, he mentioned that it wasn’t meI know what you are thinking

It’s not you, it’s me

But I have found, after dealing with so many friends suffering with depression that it’s not fare to leave them alone in the dark.
I offered my love and he knew it would only hurt me more so he refused.
I am grateful that he rejected my desire to be in a relationship with him.
But I have left my friendship on the table after reconsidering my decision to stop all contact. While I know it wasn’t a threat, or a deal breaker, It was a way of simply explaining why we couldn’t be together. He told me there would be a letter with my name on it.
I don’t think I could bare to never see his face again before he goes.


Tile Love

We all have traditions, in my family we have a tradition of tile writing. Welcome to my home hasn’t had more meaning to me I think since we began this tradition, each year we ask our friends to leave a piece of themselves here in our home. A drawing or a word of wisdom on our tiles.




























Past lovers and old friends grace our tiles but at the end of a year it is the end, the tiles are wiped clean for the new year.

Ps the reference to Ely is me! 😀