Instagram Worthy?

Instagram… Really?
I don’t really understand the need or the reason behind this crazy. I will admit I have an account on it but what makes a picture so great for it o be posted on instagram.

People flicking though their iPhone until they find this wonderful app.
What makes it so fantastic?

Oh my god
Ashley my food looks so good! I had better share it with the world
I want to shake these so called Hipsters What are you doing? shouldn’t you be working? Or contributing to society or spending the time with your friends instead of posing for pictures with them?
I don’t understand why if you have to edit it to make it beautiful then clearly you aren’t very good at taking photos ?

Are any of these pictures actually worthy of this crazy that is going around?
Would any of these pictures be considered art?
They are all taken on a old old old Nokia phone from 2007… Are any of them going to make a difference to the world.

There is none of that Instagram editing which allows Pre-teens ( who I might add, shouldn’t even be running around with phones) to think that they are photographers. Ok so some are good… But really? With editing a picture, anyone can take nice pictures.
End of rant.
But before I mentioned that I had my own account. This is something I hve posted both on this site and on instagram

. Was it worth it?

It’s the same picture but the top one has been altered.
If I was a better photographer (and didn’t use my phone to take pictures) I wouldn’t even need the editing to make it better.


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