An average teenager

In any other generation before me of teenagers I would have been average and the example of who they acted and dressed…. BUT somehow I stand out from my generation.

Because I am not like that. Im not unusual or special or the type of person who would grab someone by my looks but FAR OUT, people my age are making me the odd one out.
Because I don’t act or dress like a… For lack of better words ‘attention seeker‘.
What happened to leavening a bit to the imagination but seriously girls, if you dress and act like that you will be used. It’s the image of yourself that you are projecting to boys and girls about who you are, what you are worth. Then you will complain because people treat you the way you are projecting you want people to treat you.
wow that went off topic
But the average teenager is a Hipster
But doesn’t that defeat the purpose?
YES! Yes it does. Everyone (bar the exception, which may be you) is trying so hard to be different. It’s the people who want to be normal are the ones who are different.
In our vein attempt to stand out we are exactly the same. Spending excess amounts of money on things that we believe will make us different .
This Average teenager thing is annoying me. The average teenager is an attention seeking brat. I’m not saying I wasn’t but wow it’s getting worse. I’m glad I opened my eyes to what’s going on. Why do I want to act or be anything like the people who are supposedly average teenagers?!? I am sure it isn’t their fault that they are stupidly sucked into this… well it is…
Go and educate a teenager today.
While I am on the train of idea about ‘be who you want’ I can see its not really helping the situation… Teenagers are going off the rails. I know it’s not like it didn’t exist back when but really was it this out of control!?



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