Halloween Is Comming

The Commercial celebration, Halloween, is fast approaching. For me it is the highlight of the year. But for some reason it has hardly crossed my mind, usually I will have some elaborate plan of my Halloween evening. This year my friends are all disperse over the country and I have barely thought of it until now.
Hastily I have made a quick party plan, inviting friends and neighbours to help me participate in Halloween. I have done a letter box drop of all the homes and apartments in my area, asking them to put a green balloon, which I had attached in my invitation, If they will give out candy/lollies/sweets to little tricker-treaters. Living in apartment block heaven I see how hard it is for many of the kids to fully experience things. This being one of them. On my own front door I will have balloons and a sign, welcoming tricker-treaters. Halloween is a time that I can embrace my Fortune telling passion and break out all my excitement for divination.
I encourage you to put out balloons and a little note to all your neighbours if you are in an area where trick or treating doesn’t happen.

Halloween is not an American Celebration Originally. Almost every country in the world has its own version of this date. In the southern Hemisphere we are actually celebrating Beltane, not Samhain (What is refered to as Halloween). Halloween is described as the Thinning of the veil between the two worlds (Our world and The Spirit world).
When things were more likely to die, as the seasons changed from Summer to Winter, a way of explaining this in every culture. (Southern Hemisphere – ignore this, when we Celebrate Halloween here it is at the wrong time of the year)

Samhain’s traditions have evolved over many many years:

The idea of Tricker-Treaters was poor Christians, offering to pray for the souls of others in exchange for a ‘soulcake’. Bet you didn’t know that.

Dressing Up – one idea where this has come from is: if you recal where I mentioned above that the Thinning of the veil occurred, Well many people used to belive that spirits could roam through, some were good… some not so much. People would disguise themselves so that they would not be harmed if the spirits were bad. Another theory is that dressing up was to scare the spirits off, trying to hide themselves so that they would remain untouched.

JackOLantern – Many different ideas about where this came from. After looking though my reasearch for my major work that was about the commercialism of Halloween. I found my old papers on the Parsnips and the old stories about the Devil being trapped in a tree. Parsnips and turnips were originally used instead of the Pumpkins we use today.




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