Adventure Time, Tourist In Sydney

Today I took myself on a trip. I saw the tourist bits of Sydney and I noticed sooo many more things that I have never registered.
I frequent the city about 4 days and five nights a week. It’s safe to say I know it pretty well.
But today I took time out to really have a good long look.
Explore the city like I was a tourist.
The details I had never noticed and would be unobserved by so many.
It was nice to take some time out.
I started in The Rocks, exploring the wind tunnels that formed between sky scrapers.
I couldn’t help but notice these adorable cottage like buildings down the far end of the road between The Four Seasons and The Canadian consulate.

As I walked under the cold cold cold road ways ( it felt like short tunnels or an underpass) I admired how dozens of motorcycles congregated. As if it was much safer under there then on the rest of the road.
In the back of the picture bellow you can see the history painted on the walls behind the bikes.
I found it was common to see this on many walls in The Rocks district.


As I continued deeper into The Rocks area, I found cute little old buildings sandwiched between modern ones and historic walk ways. If I had more time I would have liked to go on all of them.

I began to make my way down to Circular Quay it was so beautiful the walk down the narrow street, I found myself able to ignore the cars and other people any enjoy my surroundings. When I got down to the water I found myself coming face to face with a cruise ship hosting a lot of Canadians. The walk way itself was full of life and vibrance.



I loved to compare the size of the ferries to the big cruise liner, I sat an watched the quay for a bit. Enjoying watching the boats come and go.

I skirted quickly around the art exhibits but wished I had been able to spend more time here. I think I would have liked to spend a week in each museum in the city but I guess they will have to wait until next time.

I walked towards the ferry port I came across a wonderful shot of the harbor.
I caught a glance of the Opera House too


As I continued on my walk I can across many tourist attractions, the many digeridoo players and the trade mark metal man.

As I got closer to the opera house the people began to thin out. I think it may have even warmed up a bit.

I can across some beautiful old stairs which just screamed out at me.









To End Day on a high note I went and did a coffee course.
8 cups were drunk at 8-9 pm. It is safe to say I didn’t sleep a wink.




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