Cinnamon Scrolls

Ok still in the baking mood.
I found puff pastry in the freezer!
Cheating Time
Normally I would make the pastry by hand but it is there so I will use it.
Before you do anything
Pre heat your oven. 200 celcious fan forced.

Cinnamon Spread
Half a cup of icing sugar
A splash of boiling water
Lots of cinnamon, I use about 3 teaspoons but I love cinnamon, so maybe use about two teaspoons if you aren’t me.
20 grams of melted butter.

puff pastry
Get it out of the freezer and separate it and put it on the bench and let it thaw


Put cinnamon and sugar in a bowl

Add a splash of boiling water and mix like you mean it with a spoon.

Add butter and mix!!!

spread it now on your rolled out puff pastry
And roll it up into a log!

Chop them up!
And put them on your baking tray … You should have covered it in baking paper at some stage. 🙂


Slam it in the oven or place it in gently.
Rescue in 20 minutes or if you think they are done and ENJOY THE SUGARY GOODNESS!




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