Alternative Banana Raspberry CupAcakes

Adaptation of the Banana Raspberry CupAcakes,
so we all know how much I was complaining about the original recipe of this. Well I followed the recipe and it turned out ok.
You can access my Original Recipe through the link thing or go all the way back through the site 🙂 Click Here.


in my haste to try it… well I didn’t get time to take a picture of it before I inhaled it all.
I liked it so much I had to do my version the next day.

Ok so exactly the same… except I added way more yoghurt and I added an extra 4 really ripe bananas.. then it hit me the only thing that was different from banana bread was the yogurt and the lack of butter…
So what did I do? I added the butter to it, I used about 30grams melted and just mixed it into the batter.

But wait there is more!

I added Walnuts, about half a cup chopped and petits, those little green seeds.
Put it in the oven at a lower temperature and left it in longer. and PERFECT!!!!!


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