Finally it has occurred to me that I need to look after my parents the way they looked after me.
They aren’t going to be around forever.

Some of us have fights with our parents, and others have a non existent relationship with them.


I have been blessed to have two understanding parents. Although I fight a lot with them and every family has its dramas, I has only just hit me how lucky I am to have parents who have given me the best start to life anyone could ask for. Working harder to make sure I got a better education then what they had.
I know my father would give anything for my happiness and my mother as well.

When I am at my dads house I always feel more willing to help around the house, I vacuum, sweep, clean and iron, all the things he has trouble doing.
For the past two years I have never really felt the need to help my mum at her home, I think it may be because she initiated the divorce and the breakup of our family, but I can’t hold it against her. It was her happiness that was in the balance.
My father still hasn’t gotten over it. That’s why I think that I do more for him, he never asks me to do anything around the house but is always so great-full. With out my mum around he has grown bitter, I’m not sure if that’s why she left or it has just become more pronounced.
But regardless I realize I need take care of them. My parents are older then most, and both have arthritis and can’t move the way they used to.

If it means sacrificing a few party nights out than I don’t mind. They have given up everything for me.

Helping around the house is really rewarding, but when you do it without them asking gives a great feeling.


I’m not sure if it is my fathers constant reminder that he loves me that has created this want to look after him in his old age. I know many people will never hear ‘I love you‘ from their parents. But I am not going to lie. I like to hear it, whether it is from a friend, family member or lover. It’s nice to hear it. My mother who I would describe as a hippy doesn’t say it as much. I know she loves it but I admit I miss hearing it from her first.
Some people don’t think they need to verbalized it because they assume that their expression of love through actions is enough. It may be for some. But it doesn’t change that people like to hear it.

I love my mum but while I don’t usually have actions to back it up I think this is where I hit a wall. I only verbalize it when I should also be doing things to back up my statement. Helping out around the house without being asked is how I show my dad I care. Perhaps it’ll work with my mum too.

After all they have done so much for me and continue to support me after all the drama I cause. Only my mum and dad would approve and support my idea of being a fortune teller as an appropriate career path for me.


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