Tattoos are a very personal thing I have found.

I first recall thinking of tattoos as gross and disgusting, this was helpfully drilled into my scull by my parents. Hell I think they did a good job. I’m still not keen on the idea.
Feelings change
Lovers come and go

After being part of a culture that promotes tattoos and unique forms of expression for several years I finally took the plunge.
I got a tattoo. I don’t regret it. I decided what I wanted only minutes before.

Originally my best friend wanted to get one and I decided to go as moral support. Next thing I knew, she chickened out and I ended up being the one getting one.
I still don’t like tattoos that much because I think of how they will look when the person got older.


I picked the position of mine first.
Before I even knew what I wanted.
Some where that when I got older I wouldn’t have to see it.

Next I decided what I wanted… To some more important, but to me it was the spiritual meaning I saw in all of my options that was reoccurring.
All my possible options were from Frank Turner Lyrics.
I needed something that had meaning to me. I didn’t care if others didn’t get it. But to me it means the world.

I keep having dreams

And I know I will continue to.

My mum was overseas at the time I got it and I kept it from her until an hour before her 18 hour flight home.
let me make this clear…. My parents do not approve of tattoos

She was furious at first but came round. She’s very much against anymore but I have all that I need. I do admit that I wish it hurt, I was counting on that to be a deterrent so I wouldn’t want anymore sadly I fell in love with the buzzing sound

My best friend also recently got one done, a rose for her twin sisters name.
Tattoos are personal and you sometimes can’t explain it. don’t go overboard

But can you blame us? It’s the ‘punk rock’ culture we are used to and pin up girls that we represent


People with tattoos don’t judge you not for having any. So don’t judge them. If they can afford it and aren’t a drug craving person on welfare then is it really hurting you?

Ok so perhaps your tattooist didn’t give you instructions, DON’T FEAR!
Simple steps I used to care for mine:
1 an hour after I washed it gently with antibacterial soap and COLD WATER. The cover for mine was a paper towel. So the blood and gunk had made it Stick- DON’T FREAK OUT! it’s totally fine just DONT pull it. Wet the paper towel and slowly it will slide off just don’t tug it or your tattoo will be all weird and missing in that bit.
2. Pat it dry with a clean cloth. Or better yet AIR DRY I actually suggest air drying because it’s more cleaner on my opinion, no fluffy bits of material to get stuck to your tattoo.
3 BENPANTHEN! Put a thin scmear of it over your tattoo. Not too much and not to little. You want it to look glossy.
4 Don’t recover it in cling film! There is chance for infection
5keep it clean wash with antibacterial soap and don’t get hot water on it for a while.
7 BENPANTHEN! Keep it moisturized.


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