Sun Burn

Summer is almost upon us again here in Australia, and after a 28 degree day here I decided to write a post all about sun burn.



I have reasonably fair skin, growing up a street away from the beach and spending the majority of my childhood outside has left me with a good knowledge of the sun damage it causes.
For an entire year my back felt like crocodile skin after spending from 8am to 5pm in the sun with no protection.
worst pain imaginable
My skin blistered and my dad wanted to take me to hospital.

For serious burns like this from the sun my best advice that I know is alovera plant goo. not the bottle stuff!!!
To deal with my sunburn I was put in a cold bath with the warmest water I could cope with (room temperature) and about four liters of full cream milk were dumped in the bath with me. I say in the milk with my sun burn submerged for a long time. When I got out of the bath, Greek yogurt ( or plain ) was layered and smeared on my sun burn, thank god we had a liter of it, as my skin would heat it up, it would be replaced by fresh yogurt. I know it sounds crazy but it worked wonders

Cucumber and avocado were also given goes alternating on my sunburn as my skin heated them up.

I think I must have spent about 4 days in bed. In the dark. Drinking lots of fluids.

My skin is still scared, three years on, the outline is still there.
You would think I learnt my lesson I still manage to get sun burnt still, in my vein attempt to get enough vitamin D I have given up on commercial sunscreen as I think it is to strong. Instead I try and spend 15 minutes in the sun each day. But because of life getting in the way I don’t usually get to have this luxury. So be careful when your trying to catch up on vitamins D. The sun is hottest 11-3.

Be sun smart

And while I don’t condone looking orange from fake tan, it’s not the worst idea to invest in some to save yourself the skin damage and cancer



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