Clense Your Body

Eww I know You don’t want to drink bad tasting concoctions. But you will to clean out all the gunk in your body you have built up. Yay getting rid of the mountains of Macdonalds and ice-cream I have consumed.
Rules: These are strict so deal with it hunny!

  • You aren’t starving your self. You need to know that.
  • Drink Water and Your juices!
  • if you feel ill tell someone and maybe start back on soilds.
  • take it easy. minimum activity.

What do you expect us to do?

Easy. go shopping, Buy lots of:

  • Cellary
  • cucumber
  • carrot
  • kale
  • beetroot
  • dvds or tax

I think you are ready. For this you need to have a juicer.

  • first juice of the day after drinking a liter of water: Cellary  and Cucumber, you want to have two really really big glasses and just drink it.
  • put your feet up and watch some tv or do your tax.
  • drink water. lots of it. most of us are walking around dehydrated.
  • time for another juice. same as breakfast
  • water. Lunch time is rolling around. Dont be weak! push through it and have another juice but you can add some beetroot.
  • drink more water
  • time for an afternoon juice. Yay! Almost there. watch some more TV
  • more juices and water (we don’t want to flood your body)
  • and early to bed for you.
  • Same thing for the next day but have the carrot and Kale too with everything else!

When I did this I did it for three days because I figured that I needed to. This wasnt the case. Two days gave me headaches that made me miss two days of university. I figured our it was due to the lack of bananas in my diet, I usually eat 3 bananas a day and 2 apples religiously, I found my body doesn’t like it when I take away its favourite things. You may be the same. If you feel really sick then stop and go back to what you were doing before.

take it easy. Your skin will look great and you will maybe feel better


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