Adventure Time in a dull sense

So a while ago I woke up and realised I was doing something completely wrong with my life.
I changed everything.
I gave up my biggest love alcohol, chocolate, processed food, and sadness. Since then I havent looked back.
I had my interview with a College that offers a degree in health science, majoring in natural medicine. Best Day Ever. I was accepted then and there ON THE SPOT. And on the plus side, it is right next to my best friends Universities.  I still can’t belive it. all my dreams are coming at once. It’s the hard work to get here that is finally paying off.

While that is the best part of my news, the next bit is good, but I am not sure how I will go.
The course is 24-30 hours contact a week, plus study time and my now three jobs (did I tell you? Reception, Clerical and Aged Care) It is going to be a full time load. I know I wont be able to do it all so I have handed in my notice at my job where I have worked since June. This was something that bothers me, I  have worked for the owner since I first got out of highschool, and followed him to his new practice. I was distressing me up until the day I told him. And as soon as I did I felt both relief and sadness. He took it well and wished me luck on my course. but at the same time all I felt was sad, I am not sure if it was the loss of part of my identity or the people that I worked with that caused me to become upset, but regardless of the cause, the effect was damaging. Ending all my months of hard work. I stopped doing pailates, sleeping the day away, becoming grumpy and anti social (I havent seen my friends for 2 weeks :S) and very very very lazy. I know my house is a mess and I should clean it up, but for some reason I just have lost all the energy and spark I had. But that’s ok. We all have bad days. or many bad days. But today I put away the chocolate and comfort food that I was once again drowning in. Notably I did sleep in again today but once I arrived at work I felt that I had just been wasting my time in a trance like state of dull and meaningless thoughts, emotions and actions.
Keen to get back on the road to self recovery.


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