A Kind Word

A kind word can change your day.
I was on my way home from an Opera, and it hit me, someone had told me I looked nice, My mood had instantly changed. I couldn’t stop smiling, at the time I didn’t register how the kind word towards me had effected me so much.
I was thinking about it on the train to work this morning and it kept going around and around in my head.
How much you can light up someones day by a kind word.
I decided that I would compliment someone today, My first ‘target’ was an elderly woman who had this scowl plastered on her face. I told her that I loved her earings. And that was all I need to say, As she left the train she had this smile stretched across her face. It made me feel so good. As my day continued on my long voyage of two hours to work, I decided to do a kind act. The day has gotten better and better, when I first woke up this morning I was in a bad mood, had a fight with my mother and missed the bus. But an act of kindness had turned my day completely around. I feel so much more alive than what I have been this last week, I have been suck in my wallow of self-pity. Only today realising that I shouldnt be when there is so many things out there.

I feel so relaxed and at ease.

I implore you to try it. Your goal for the day. A kind word and a Kind act. You will feel your spirit lift.


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