Sculptures By The Sea

So yesterday was HALLOWEEN! And it was amazing! I spent in total about $40 and spent around 14 hours constantly baking and cooking food. The perfect amount to feel 30 people who came to my Halloween party. My recipes will be in my next post. Any way, myself and another blogger, Cinammonandclouds, who fantastically enough lives near by to me (she is a quirky woman 50 years young and so much fun to hang out with) got up at four am and drove to Bondi beach to see Sculptures By The Sea WONDERFUL!
If you live in or near Sydney get your butt down to Bondi beach to see it, it ends on the 4th of November.

Cinammonandclouds and I left before the traffic and arrived at Bondi just before day break. Such a fantastic view from the top of the hill. I was surprised by the huge amounts of joggers already out and running. They looked so content.






















































*~Quick Rant, Scroll down if you are not in the mood for a pity party~*

I would consider it a great morning. All done by 8am. A really great experience. the one thing both Cinnamonandclouds and I realised is just how entitled some of the runners and cyclists are. I was extremely shocked by how rude both groups were. This is just a generalisation but the people we saw that day were insanely rude. The runners pushing past many of the elderly walkers. I can understand you want to run, then run, You want to run fast then wait for an appropriate time to pass, not the very narrow pathway that doesn’t have a rail. Gee. It actually drove me crazy how inconsiderate of others a few people were. And cyclists. Oh gosh. Now I really enjoy beach running and the occasional cycle on a bike path. But what gets my knickers in a twist is when cyclist ride on the road when there is a bike path designed just for them. So, not only does the road have less lanes to provide for a footpath and a cycle lane that is EMPTY, about the 20 cyclist that I saw  took up the entire lane traveling in separate packs. I don’t understand at all what possess them to do this.
Cyclists and I have issues, I am not going to lie, ever since I was a learner driver, I went for a drive with my dad, I was boxed in going up a hill on a blind corner by cyclists for 45 minutes going at 10km or less and almost hit about 9 of them after the few that were not trapping me from moving were standing with their bikes in the middle of a road next to an intersection. (Specifically I am talking about West Head on the Northern Beaches. At 7am on a Saturday Morning ) On another note after finding that experience traumatic, I have about 4 people in my extended family who are right into it, I can understand the joy of the open road but seriously if there is a lane designed specifically for you, and you don’t need to turn and there is nothing wrong with the lane.. Why do they do it?!

*~End of Rant~*

But back to the good note that I will end on, It was warm and sunny and the water was beautiful! To get a boost of beautiful connection with the earth go for a barefoot walk on the beach and I will try to get some picture up from an art exhibit I went to in Liverpool Art Museum in the UK.
Have a great day. Happy Halloween


Instagram Worthy?

Instagram… Really?
I don’t really understand the need or the reason behind this crazy. I will admit I have an account on it but what makes a picture so great for it o be posted on instagram.

People flicking though their iPhone until they find this wonderful app.
What makes it so fantastic?

Oh my god
Ashley my food looks so good! I had better share it with the world
I want to shake these so called Hipsters What are you doing? shouldn’t you be working? Or contributing to society or spending the time with your friends instead of posing for pictures with them?
I don’t understand why if you have to edit it to make it beautiful then clearly you aren’t very good at taking photos ?

Are any of these pictures actually worthy of this crazy that is going around?
Would any of these pictures be considered art?
They are all taken on a old old old Nokia phone from 2007… Are any of them going to make a difference to the world.

There is none of that Instagram editing which allows Pre-teens ( who I might add, shouldn’t even be running around with phones) to think that they are photographers. Ok so some are good… But really? With editing a picture, anyone can take nice pictures.
End of rant.
But before I mentioned that I had my own account. This is something I hve posted both on this site and on instagram

. Was it worth it?

It’s the same picture but the top one has been altered.
If I was a better photographer (and didn’t use my phone to take pictures) I wouldn’t even need the editing to make it better.

Dealing with Dementia

I have never had anyone in my immediate family have dementia. So when I was asked to look after a old lady with dementia I jumped at the chance to earn some money.
Turns out it was only $10 an hour…. That’s $4.50 bellow minimum wage in Australia. ok so it’s not about the money
So What Is It About
I have no clue.

The first time I met with her, she was lovely and sweet, she kept asking who I was and why I was here.
The second time I went at four in the afternoon…. bad time of day she kept saying she didn’t know where she was and that I was keeping her locked up. her distress was so upsetting. Her carer just shrugged. Wow that was helpful.
As the day approached I began to get so anxious and scared about it! What was I a young kid going to do to settle her down?
I have no experience with dementia.
After a bad nights sleep it was the day…

Well it started off ok.

Kind of

Sort of

Not really.

She remembered that her son sent me… so that is a plus right?

But everything else was in a daze.
She was angry and frantic.
How dare her son not tell her I was coming oh dear
And as the morning dragged on she got worse… today must just be a bad day
She is angry and distressed. After speaking to her children… Even they didn’t know how to deal with her.
First thing I learnt of the day:

After about half an hour she forgave me. But I learnt then and there some things stick in her memory. I don’t want that to be one. I tried talking about old things, new things, nature, ballet, opera, classical music… And Piano… I got a bite of conversation out of her before she would start ranting that I was keeping her prisoner and that she was a human being and she couldn’t be treated like this.
Arghh I didn’t/ still don’t know how to deal with it. Best thing I have found so far Offer her tea and Sympathize with her accusations
But what do I do to keep her mind of things.?

It is so upsetting to see such an avid reader and a musician feel no love towards such things any longer.

Later On
Dealing with dementia I have found is Hard. Upsetting. Frustrating. Exhausting. Depressing.
I don’t know how families and caregivers manage. It faces an onslaught of emotions every day.
Stress is everywhere I look. Fretting about the lack of milk when there is five liters in the fridge or the lack of tea bags when there is 5 boxes waiting to be used.
To us it doesn’t make sense how their lack of logic isn’t realized by them. But I can see now how real the worry is.

I know that trying to shock them back to reality is too harsh and unkind to the person suffering. And that they will resent you for it. So going along with it works better. I’ve humored the lady I look after, taking about the same thing again and again. I’ve notice she only comes back to talk about things that make her nervous, anxious and stressed.
For this particular lady a cup of tea and a biscuit helps momentarily. But within minutes she begins to stress again, becoming frantic and scared. I didn’t want to leave her alone but the family said I should retreat to my room when she began to get very agitated, I reluctantly left her to her own devices, watching her potter around the home. Moving pillows off the couch then coming back to it and putting them back. After a while I decided she must be dehydrated and wanted to make sure she was ok. While I did keep an eye on her while out of sight I wanted to make sure she didn’t get lonely.
How to introduce myself again?
I was in her home already
Far out! How do I not startle her?
After much debating and watching her old up a paper she had nodded off to earlier I decided to settle for a simple “How are you Shora? I’ll make you a cup of tea
She was ok with me being there, I know she was puzzled but after some talking ( perhaps the 24th time that day about who I was) she was relaxed and we sat talking a whole, circling around the four same topic, thankfully the whole “I’m angry with my son for not telling me you are here
As it got later on and an hour past, I could see she was starting to get agitate again, she seemed to loose her cool. It was 5:30.

She had lasted through what I was told the worst part of the day (sundowners syndrome?) so what could I complain about. Again one of her children came and I escaped her concerned glance and she forgot about twenty minutes that I was even there.
thank god , not for my sake but for hers. It really broke my heart to see someone so distressed. I couldn’t imagine it. I know this is basically the same as my last post but, I don’t know how else to explain it.
Her son who is here now takes a different approach to her daughter who came earlier in the day. The daughter skirts around the dementia problem, never bringing it up. While her son, who is most involved in her well being (he visits everyday) tells her the answers to her questions, adding every time that it’s ok that she doesn’t remember. She gets nasty with her children, but she tells me once they have gone that she knows she does it and regrets it. Throughout the day she says she remembers me, not from the previous conversation but from an encounter we had a week ago.

I have been recommended to wear the same clothes as if it will job her memory. Well what I am wearing is very memorable.

She keeps commenting on my necklace and my shirt. Perhaps this is the key to her feeling comfortable with me. Familiarity
The necklace as it happens is supposed to protect your aura. And it is well needed in this situation. All her negative and anxiety is radiating in every direction.
Keeping myself calm from her nasty comments is a bit up in the air. At first I took it to heart, being the sensitive wuss that I am I found myself hurt by her comments. But then it dawned on me. IT IS A DISEASE.
I know she would never say anything like this in her right mind. Every now an then she revels a sliver of herself which is quickly clouded by the dementia and frailty of her emotions. Her distress broadcasted outwardly, the only thing you can do it deal with it and remember it isn’t really her saying that.

The next morning
It went better than anyone would ask for.
Getting her into bed was the problem. A stranger trying to get you into bed well technically trying to get her into her pjs was the wort part.
After in vein by 8th time of suggesting she got ready for bed her son stepped in and told her “mother it is time for bed!” but in a sweet comical way. So we bridged the whole pajama problem. Next step trying to get her to fall asleep in her bed.
She would creep out of her room and call over her son. Always worrying if there was someone else there. strangely enough she remembered I was there and seemed comfortable with it.
After a while when I had put on my pajamas and told her I was going to Ed she seemed much more obliging to get into bed herself. The first half of the night perfect. I lay in bed for a bit. Today’s events running through my brain. Realizing I would go through the same ordeal every week. But while it seemed terrifying, the thought of it. I think I can manage it. Each time will be different. The next Saturday it may be a good day or then again it might be a bad day. I’m sure that it will come easier as time goes by.
At around 3am I woke up to a slight scuffling of her feet as she found the bathroom. After she went back to bed I heard her close the door and put a wedge under.
For a while it puzzled me why she had done this. Security. She knew he couldn’t get out the front door. And since there was no other escape for her she did her best attempt to ‘lock’ her door and protect herself. In her situation I would have done the same thing. I know that when she wakes up it will be a fright. While she remembers my presence after an hour on a good day. I don’t know how she will go when she comes out of her room. It’s been 8 hours since we interacted. fingers crossed it runs smoothly

An average teenager

In any other generation before me of teenagers I would have been average and the example of who they acted and dressed…. BUT somehow I stand out from my generation.

Because I am not like that. Im not unusual or special or the type of person who would grab someone by my looks but FAR OUT, people my age are making me the odd one out.
Because I don’t act or dress like a… For lack of better words ‘attention seeker‘.
What happened to leavening a bit to the imagination but seriously girls, if you dress and act like that you will be used. It’s the image of yourself that you are projecting to boys and girls about who you are, what you are worth. Then you will complain because people treat you the way you are projecting you want people to treat you.
wow that went off topic
But the average teenager is a Hipster
But doesn’t that defeat the purpose?
YES! Yes it does. Everyone (bar the exception, which may be you) is trying so hard to be different. It’s the people who want to be normal are the ones who are different.
In our vein attempt to stand out we are exactly the same. Spending excess amounts of money on things that we believe will make us different .
This Average teenager thing is annoying me. The average teenager is an attention seeking brat. I’m not saying I wasn’t but wow it’s getting worse. I’m glad I opened my eyes to what’s going on. Why do I want to act or be anything like the people who are supposedly average teenagers?!? I am sure it isn’t their fault that they are stupidly sucked into this… well it is…
Go and educate a teenager today.
While I am on the train of idea about ‘be who you want’ I can see its not really helping the situation… Teenagers are going off the rails. I know it’s not like it didn’t exist back when but really was it this out of control!?


Halloween Is Comming

The Commercial celebration, Halloween, is fast approaching. For me it is the highlight of the year. But for some reason it has hardly crossed my mind, usually I will have some elaborate plan of my Halloween evening. This year my friends are all disperse over the country and I have barely thought of it until now.
Hastily I have made a quick party plan, inviting friends and neighbours to help me participate in Halloween. I have done a letter box drop of all the homes and apartments in my area, asking them to put a green balloon, which I had attached in my invitation, If they will give out candy/lollies/sweets to little tricker-treaters. Living in apartment block heaven I see how hard it is for many of the kids to fully experience things. This being one of them. On my own front door I will have balloons and a sign, welcoming tricker-treaters. Halloween is a time that I can embrace my Fortune telling passion and break out all my excitement for divination.
I encourage you to put out balloons and a little note to all your neighbours if you are in an area where trick or treating doesn’t happen.

Halloween is not an American Celebration Originally. Almost every country in the world has its own version of this date. In the southern Hemisphere we are actually celebrating Beltane, not Samhain (What is refered to as Halloween). Halloween is described as the Thinning of the veil between the two worlds (Our world and The Spirit world).
When things were more likely to die, as the seasons changed from Summer to Winter, a way of explaining this in every culture. (Southern Hemisphere – ignore this, when we Celebrate Halloween here it is at the wrong time of the year)

Samhain’s traditions have evolved over many many years:

The idea of Tricker-Treaters was poor Christians, offering to pray for the souls of others in exchange for a ‘soulcake’. Bet you didn’t know that.

Dressing Up – one idea where this has come from is: if you recal where I mentioned above that the Thinning of the veil occurred, Well many people used to belive that spirits could roam through, some were good… some not so much. People would disguise themselves so that they would not be harmed if the spirits were bad. Another theory is that dressing up was to scare the spirits off, trying to hide themselves so that they would remain untouched.

JackOLantern – Many different ideas about where this came from. After looking though my reasearch for my major work that was about the commercialism of Halloween. I found my old papers on the Parsnips and the old stories about the Devil being trapped in a tree. Parsnips and turnips were originally used instead of the Pumpkins we use today.



Adventure Time, Tourist In Sydney

Today I took myself on a trip. I saw the tourist bits of Sydney and I noticed sooo many more things that I have never registered.
I frequent the city about 4 days and five nights a week. It’s safe to say I know it pretty well.
But today I took time out to really have a good long look.
Explore the city like I was a tourist.
The details I had never noticed and would be unobserved by so many.
It was nice to take some time out.
I started in The Rocks, exploring the wind tunnels that formed between sky scrapers.
I couldn’t help but notice these adorable cottage like buildings down the far end of the road between The Four Seasons and The Canadian consulate.

As I walked under the cold cold cold road ways ( it felt like short tunnels or an underpass) I admired how dozens of motorcycles congregated. As if it was much safer under there then on the rest of the road.
In the back of the picture bellow you can see the history painted on the walls behind the bikes.
I found it was common to see this on many walls in The Rocks district.


As I continued deeper into The Rocks area, I found cute little old buildings sandwiched between modern ones and historic walk ways. If I had more time I would have liked to go on all of them.

I began to make my way down to Circular Quay it was so beautiful the walk down the narrow street, I found myself able to ignore the cars and other people any enjoy my surroundings. When I got down to the water I found myself coming face to face with a cruise ship hosting a lot of Canadians. The walk way itself was full of life and vibrance.



I loved to compare the size of the ferries to the big cruise liner, I sat an watched the quay for a bit. Enjoying watching the boats come and go.

I skirted quickly around the art exhibits but wished I had been able to spend more time here. I think I would have liked to spend a week in each museum in the city but I guess they will have to wait until next time.

I walked towards the ferry port I came across a wonderful shot of the harbor.
I caught a glance of the Opera House too


As I continued on my walk I can across many tourist attractions, the many digeridoo players and the trade mark metal man.

As I got closer to the opera house the people began to thin out. I think it may have even warmed up a bit.

I can across some beautiful old stairs which just screamed out at me.









To End Day on a high note I went and did a coffee course.
8 cups were drunk at 8-9 pm. It is safe to say I didn’t sleep a wink.



Take Some Time Out

This morning I was rudely awoke at 3am by some drunk singers walking home.
If it was the weekend or even close to the weekend I would have understood, having been one of those drunks stumbling home in the wee hours of the morning.
But it was a TUESDAY night… no where here has cheap drinks or specials on Tuesdays.

After finally getting back to sleep, yet again I was woken up… This time by a leave blower. What happened to a broom?

ARGHHHH it is like the universe has decided I am not allowed to have a good nights sleep anymore.

After a while of tossing and turning holding a pillow over my ears I finally got up. Grumpy and tired I go outside and sit in the sun…and for a moment it was quiet. The sun was warm and holding off the cool chill from the ocean breeze.

The garden took me away from the noises of cars roaring past. In the distance I could hear birds.
What a lovely morning this is.

Take some time out of your highflying day and enjoy the beauty of the day.