How To Pass The Time

1. Dont look at the clock… Not Even Once. When I get to work I cover the face of my watch with a post it note and hide all the other clocks in the room.
2. If I am at home I lie in bed and I almost alwasy find that time passes faster. I lie down at 8:30am and wake up at 10:30.. two hours past and I dont even remember going to sleep.
3. Invest in a really good book. ~ If you dont have one that makes you want to just sit down and read and read and read until you finish it, then go to the Library and borrow one.
4. Take a walk, dont take your phone or your watch or a reminder of the time and just walk until you feel it badly and then you’ll be so tired when you get home you can sleep the next few hours and Bam when you wake up your day has already gone.
5. Internet:
Facebook ~ that son of a gun ~ You dont really do anything but stare at the page until a new thing happneds !
Cyanide and Happieness~ So many hours spent looking though that site
Texts From Last Night ~ yet another good time waister.
Games ~ play something to take your mind off the time
6. Do some baking. make a complicated thing that takes alot of time
7. Watch an entire Tv season in a day.
8. Spend the time talking to someone.
9. Go spend time with Friends
10. Look at my Blog, or actually do some work. It’s up to you…


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