Meal Plan

Eating healthy can be hard work especially when you are in a rush and pressured by society to conform to the body image that is wanted by many.Dieting is hard. I hate it. I’ve tried everything and finally I have found a good plan for me.

  • I start my day (6am) with 2 large glasses of water – first things first – you probably didnt drink water during the night while you were sleeping, so you should hydrate your body.
  • Breakfast Time (7:20am) I usually dont get a chance to eat much fruit through the day as there are so many easier to eat snacks on the run, So breakfast is my fruit time.  2 apples and a banana (or what ever fruit you want to use – NOT DRIED – it has so much sugar) and milk like a cereal. It isnt for everyone I admit that but you can change it around, have yogurt instead, I put a handful of sunflower seeds and what ever nuts we have in the house and have that. Because I usually excercise every morning I have an egg hardboiled that I eat quickly just for the protein boost.
  • Lunch – it used to be so hard to make something. I need something you can eat and make quickly without making too much of a mess, both in the kitchen and on your nice clean clothes. I’ve recently been opting for a sandwich, Lots of Salad on it, ham (or what ever meat you want – no salami or devon – SO fattening), cheese, salt, lots of pepper and mustard. I may be just weird but I love this combination. When I am at home I would defiantly put tomato and other veggies on it, but since of all the travel its easier to have it …well not soggy.
  • Snacks: Celery is probably the best if your after weigh loss. But sometimes.. ok well almost never do I want to eat celery. I would opt for an apple and a packet of cookies – that my naughty treat. I made a promise to myself that If I stayed for my late night lectures I could have a packet and it has seemed to work well as a reward system as I end up staying for my other lectures.  Fruit like strawberries can be a fantastic snack but if your on the run and don’t really have a big bag I would not choose to take them because they will get squashed. Perhaps try making some musile bar slices at home and take them but remember all that dried fruit isn’t doing you any favours and portion sizes!! Remember eat smaller meals more frequently – keep that metabolism running! My snack is usually Milk. I drink on average 2 Liters a day when I am staying with my dad. I’ve been told by a lot of people that drinking milk isn’t that good but it is my guilty pleasure and as far as I am aware it isnt making me sick.
  • Dinner: Salad and Protein, either steak or fish. I tend to avoid pastas. I love them so much but I’m trying to avoid too much gluten in my diet. I have found that if I have more than two pieces of bread in a day I get sick ~ So that’s just me, but try not to eat takeaway more than one night a week.

I figure you have to see every meal as a treat. And my breakfast is something I look forward to every day. And a gourmet sandwich or soup or frozen meal from left overs – Is exciting to look forward too!

Remember – Everything In moderation.


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