How To Deal With a BreakUp

We’ve all been there,

Dumped, Cheated on, or Left

My tips to deal with it is inspired by the Sugababes~ Their songs are my lifesavers time and time again. If it’s me or a best friend who is going through it. Out comes the Sugababes.
Get Your CD player and blast Hole In the Head – Best song you can listen to ~ feel empowered!


  • Erase his number, hard and you will undoubtedly have a bit of a cry but it’s better to stop yourself from the temptation to call him and beg him to come back. YOU don’t need him. and that goes for facebook. Delete him
  • Have your quick allowed wallowing time.
  • Get a manicure. Splurge, spoil yourself. You may want to make a drastic change to your appearance. But Think about it! You may regret chopping off your hair. But hair will grow out but do you want to have that as a constant reminder of them? I would opt for something natural looking that isn’t too much of a change from what you have.
  • Organise to go out with one of your single friends and Wingman each other. and meet up with some new people. Get seen (check in on facebook)to be having fun, always wear a smile. Personally I don’t recommend making out with strangers ~ I’m not prude but it is just not classy.
  • If they call you or you run into them at a Party/Pub/Club… Social Gathering – be civil and say minimal. But make sure you have a smile on your face and are positive. Keep them wanting to know whats going on with you. It’s ok to show off your assets and basically imply you are better off and happier without them. and after all your convincing of them you will eventually begin to realise you are better off without them.
  • Dress like you walked out of a magazine, you never know if you will run into them or one of their friends in the street. Also it will give you an ego boost as you attract attention. Keep exercising! Get your self Fit and Fabulous! And YOU will feel less upset by the whole fiasco if you exercise!
  • Learn to say goodbye. Stop thinking about all the plans you made together and all the things you shared. Make your own. Get seen having fun~! And eventually it will rub off on you!
  • Learn to be yourself again. Regain your old interests.



1. Have a cry. I recommend listening to Mended by you –It’s not an angry song and nice and slow.
2. Allow yourself a specific time slot in the day to think of him and fret. save it as a dedicated time and slowly it will get better.
3. Put his things in box and put them out of your life, give them to a friend and get them to return them for you. Try and distance yourself from him. By not seeing him you are giving yourself a chance to work yourself through the motions and start to move on.
4. Wallow however you want – sit in bed and watch old movies, pig out on chocolate with a friend. It’s your time for you to deal how you want but remember soon you are going to have to get out your game face.
Telling People:
1. It’s over, you can tell people, but avoid the whole Facebook thing by deleting your changed relationship status from the news feed. The world doesn’t need to know.
2. Take your time to tell people but don’t constantly talk about it.
Dealing with it:
1. You are not his personal stalker – stop following him or going to where you think he will be – give him time to miss you ~not that he’s going to win you back! You are too fantastic for them.
2. If he wants to see you and calls. Just say ‘No Can Do’, and leave it at that. Act as if he’s no one, you should have deleted his number by now.


My briefe tips on my method of survival for a break-Up. If you are feeling really down there are so many people who want to help and listen. Sometimes it is easier to talk to a stranger about it ~ All you have to do is ask~
Elysium xxx



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