Hard Choices

Hard choices plague everyone. The last few months I’ve been going through my own little drama and It had made me get in touch with my inner Me. It’s hard work trying to get to know yourself, I found out I’m a real bitch to myself. But it occurred to me I no longer know what my interests are. Do I still love reading or cooking or bushwalks? I don’t know what I like anymore. I don’t know what makes me happy or the trigger that makes me sad. This is problematic. I’m trying to work on this first before I make any decisions.

Anyway people deal with a difficult decisions in their own way. Recently I’ve been dreaming of herbs and bugs, insects and specifically skinks and newts.

And my logic is I’m stuck inside all day ever day doing things I don’t want to be doing, spending an average of 15 hours travelling in a bus or train a week. It starts to get to you. I’m stuck in a degree that I have no interest for. I always thought I wanted to be rich but recently I’m starting to have doubts. Money really can’t buy you happiness, but it certainly comes close.


I want to do something that I will wake up and say to myself I’m so excited to go to work today, I cant wait to see what happened. This is a dream that I think I share will lots of people. the want to be happy and enjoy what you are doing is great but so is having enough money to put dinner on the table.

This is where I get to my hard choice.

Do I give up my time I have already spent on this degree in business to start a degree in Natural Medicine that will be via distance education and online learning? I will miss all my friends and the lifestyle. But it could make me happier in the long run. Clearly an open and shut case. But what happens if I lose interest in my new degree or find it too hard? I’d have no qualifications. Do I continue with business for the next four years and have my two degrees then look at the things I want to do?

I’m afraid I’ll run out of time. Like everyone else I face the same insecurities that time gives us.



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