Daily Routine

Juggling everything on my plate is hard work. Being a  Full time University student and working two days on top of that. I find it a struggle to find time for friends and family and my university course work not to mention trying to maintain a good weight. I have been lucky enough to have very supportive parents who go along with my many crazy fads I try.
But finally after all those years of highschool and studying for the horrible HSC I have a good routine.

  • 6am Wake up – Usually I am already awake and up but recently Ive been sleeping badly and finding my self wide awake at 2 and only just falling asleep at 5:30. But you need to keep a constant time to get up in order to keep your body clock working.
  • 6:10am I do Pilates -( It takes me 10 minutes to get out of bed, get out of my pjs and turn on the TV – I know I’m slow) Earlier this year I quit the gym, choosing to spend the $80 a month I saved on a exercise DVD. I did a lot of the ones on YouTube, I found them really exciting and fun. To start with I did Tiffany Rothe http://www.youtube.com/user/tiffanyrotheworkouts?feature=results_main
    then I moved to Pop Pilates http://www.youtube.com/user/blogilates?feature=results_main . I chose to move because of my anxiety levels are very high compared to others so my body is already running at a million miles an hour so I find the Pilates a lot more slower which is better for relaxing. One day a week I dedicate to getting all my built up energy/emotions out and I do a hard routine I dislike Wednesdays the most so I do it that day. and I wind down one day and do meditation instead.
  • 7:20am After spending an hour and a bit exercising, Its time to rush to get ready for University or Work. I have my Breakfast and jump in the shower. I don’t wear any makeup aside from eyeliner so I’m very quick.  But still time escapes me when I make my lunch.
  • 8:20am And I’m out the door. I don’t even know where my hour goes in the morning. I have found playing a playlist of music that is as long as you have to get ready really helps. It makes me stress less by not looking at the clock. So when I get in the shower and I hear a certain song come on I know I have a certain amount of time left.
  • 10am I usually start my day of work or University. After spending an hour and a half on a bus/train I am usually agitated. Especially trains. I don’t know what it is they just make me feel angry. Its weird. Anyway I am usually pumped for the walk from the station to my destination, I walk slowly and enjoy the sunlight. It’ll be gone by the time I leave so I have better enjoy it now. Unless it’s raining. Then the running girl laughing hysterically in the rain… That’s me.
  • 5pm and I’ve finish generally by this time, aside from the days when my University course runs until 8pm at night (I usually have a little cry about being stuck at University for so long on Mondays). I’ll have a snack of fruit – well that’s the aim but recently I’ve been having milk shakes which is not helping my waist line.
  • 7pm I’ve got in the door and all I want to do is sleep. I take the bus/train ride in as my wind down time – where I just chill out and listen to music so that when I get home I can get started on the huge amounts of work I have to do. If I catch a train that day I don’t do any readings or anything assignment related for University. Damn those trains.
  • 8pm I’ve had dinner at some point during this time and I start to unwind for sleeping. I’ve struggled a lot since I was 16 on both getting off to sleep and staying asleep so this is usually the most important step of my day. I take all my medication /vitamines and put away all my electronic devices. This is really heard, Up until two months ago I was the texting queen, My average every month was 220 texts a day. I wish I was kidding. For example, I was off a plan for 3 days while I looked for a new one. I racked up a $700 phone bill in those three days. I didn’t place a single call. Crazy huh? Anyway so what I’m trying to say is I understand it is had to put your phone away but you need to. Turn of your Laptop and unplug your charger, if it has to charge or you need to have your Powerpoint on try to have your head/bed – where ever you sleep as far away from it as you can. If this means charging your phone outside your room, so be it. If your claim to need an alarm clock then you have your excuse but after a week of waking up at 6am your body automatically wakes you up.. Even after only having 2 hours sleep after a night out. Laptops and especially touch screen phones (iPhones and Galaxies) put out a blue light I am lead to believe which tricks your brain into thinking it is daylight outside and that you should be awake. So phones off or on silent and cover the screen so you don’t get woken by the millions of texts you’ll get during the night.
  • 9pm. I’m usually dead to the word by this time. I lead an active and busy life and I know I have to take time out to look after myself and that you can’t catch sleep up in a night. So dont be surprised if you find yourself falling asleep at 6pm. I do this at least one night a week. And I feel better for it, I hope you do too.

Good Luck


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