Old Shampoo?

So I woke up one day and decided to change something… that was my monstrous dependency on ‘Product’ from my face to my hair I have A LOT.

It was a big step but I put it all In the bin and gave away what I could. Growing up washing my hair under the tap in the back garden is something I am proud of in this day and age. We had a shower, we always have. But to me, being outside is just so much better.

So if washing my hair outside was Woah, I used to wash my hair with sunlight soap. I had absolutely beautiful hair back then. Now I use shampoos that cost a fortune and to be honest I don’t see them doing any good. They promise to make my hair healthier but really I’m just paying through the teeth.
And probably you are too.

So I’ll share my secret with you, after complaining to my Grandmother about my hair she laughed and told me that in her day, they damaged it just as much with harsh peroxides and perms. (Both of which are in my hair as we speak). She said she used Eggs.
I admit to laughing but when I tried it for myself, I was so shocked. Expecting to have to rewash my hair I was surprised to see my hair in absolutely great condition.. ok so not great but a lot better than what it was.


  • Egg  – if your hair is shoulder length I would suggest using two large eggs. and maybe add an extra one if it is longer.
  • Whisk and or beater.

Ok so the steps:

  • Separate the Egg into Yolks and Whites, Beat the whites until it is like lather from shampoo and whisk the yolks separately.
  • Now jump in the shower and wet your hair! Ready put the egg white in your wet hair. DONT USE SCALDING WATER! lather it like you normally would. The dirt will stick to the egg white and wash out of your hair.
  • rinse it out with cold/luke warm water, you’ll notice a different texture
  • Bam and your ready for the yolk conditioner. (If you have really dry and damaged hair you can add in 2 teaspoons of honey and a tablespoon of olive oil to the yolk) Now put it in your hair, you can chill out for a bit, not to long or the protein will snap your hair. ( I waited three minutes) and wash it out with cold/luke warm water.a
  • you can brush it if you dare or let it air dry.
  • you are not allowed to blow dry your hair or straighten it! – why? because if you want to do this then you’re trying to revive your poor hair not continue to destroy it.

Make sure to not use hot water when washing out the egg. no one wants to have scrambled egg in their hair.

* I admit to washing my hair daily when I used commercial shampoo and conditioner – I’ve gone five days without any oily roots so this is great. I have no dandruff and my hair still feels great. really thick and soft.
I admit I had to put another egg yolk with honey and oil in my hair midweek because I thought it needed a bit more moisture. But still going strong not having to wash it with shampoo.

Good Luck


2 thoughts on “Old Shampoo?

    • Hey Cinnamonandclouds,
      I know they are so special to me. I am so lucky to have been exposed to so many differnt things because of them. Good on you! please tell me how it goes. I’ll give you a heads up, the egg yolk will really make your hair feel thick and fuller so dont think you have to rewash it later on. I unfortunatly dont use rain water. I would say if you use shampoo or sunlight soap to rinse your hair before you condition with: Apple Cider Vingar if you have Brown or Red hair and Lemon juice if you are a blond, this conteracts the acid or alkaline in the water from the tap but if you use rain water you dont have to use a rinse of those products. The egg doesnt change the Ph of the hair so you dont need a rinse of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar when you use egg white and yolk.

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