First Blog Wow I’m So Hardcore

Alrighty to this is my first blog so deal with me stressing about making it interesting another time.

So… Hardcore? leads me to think of music. FTHC – Frank Turner Hard Core. Yeah alright so music. I spend about 3 hours on or waiting for public transports. Trains and Buses are nightmares for me now a days, there is always someone on drugs of being aggressive on the phone. It makes unwinding really hard, I guess that’s where music comes in.

Oh My Darling iPod How I Adore You!

My usual playlists change from week to week, I don’t usually have a chance to listen to the radio so I don’t really know ‘new music’. I find a band I like and follow the trail of bands they perform with.
My love for Punk Rock came when I was on the way home from College and I went on Facebook, one of my friends from overseas had posted a music video, back in 2009. I simply ‘had’ to watch it. It was Frank Turner, Love Ire and Song. It is something I will never forget. It’s so amazing the way music can make you feel. After a strong one-sided relationship with his music I finally, after three long years of waiting to see him play, got my chance earlier this year.

I’ve seen plenty of Metal and Death Core bands play live but this was just beyond anything else. A gathering of people who all had different interests, but had one thing in common – a strong love for his music. To be apart of something warms your blood don’t you think?

If You have some free time check out Jen Buxton, can’t get her song You and I are Past Our Dancing Days out of my head, love it!



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